Horrified teacher ‘scarred’ after finding venomous cobra hidden inside girl’s schoolbag

A teacher has been left scarred after they were forced to empty out a cobra from a pupil’s school bag in India.

Footage shows the man at Badoni School, in Shajapur in west-central India, unzipping the rucksack and tipping the deadly serpent out alongside all the other contents of the bag.

The young pupil, Uma Rajak, had no idea the snake had slithered its way into her bag and she was unaware that it was even inside until she reached in for her books and then had the fright of her life.

The young girl and teacher were unharmed by the cobra, whose venom is powerful enough to kill up to 20 people with just one bite.

Luckily no one was harmed and the snake slithered away, just leaving the pupil and teacher horrified about what they had witnessed.

Earlier in September, residents of Kottayam’s Arpookara in Kerela discovered a King Cobra snake had made itself a home in their neighbour’s car for about a month and travelled with the family for around 200km.

They first spotted its signature skin but then became panicked after they were unable to find it after the initial sighting.

After a few days, the snake’s tail was spotted once again but this time not in the car.

It was inside a heap of coconut husks in the neighbourhood, locals then covered it with a net and informed forest officials.

Abheesh, the forest department’s snake catcher, rescued the snake and released it into the wild.