Dog owners join their pets for ultimate spa breaks with meditation and massages

Feeling a little ruff after another hectic week at work? You’re not alone.

Owners and their dogs have been bounding to spiritual retreats to heal their souls – person and pooch alike.

They also help pups get over “separation anxiety” as their owners return to their busy lives post-lockdown.

Stays of five to six days include meditation, canine massage, “soul-nourishing” vegan meals for the ­humans, and are billed as a “safe space for your dog to be a dog”.

Dog trainer Caroline Griffith runs the Canine Flow retreats in the Welsh countryside near Carmarthen, focusing on the “heart bond”­between animal and owner.

She said: “Dogs have the biggest heart per body mass of any creature on the planet, making them highly attuned to reflect the subconscious emotions in our hearts.

“I don’t think it’s an accident that there’s almost one for every human and the number is growing.

“We have a different bond with dogs to other animals.

“Owners think the retreat is for the dogs, but it’s for both really. The dog is there to teach the owner.”

Caroline, 44, said dog behaviour experts have been inundated with business since the pandemic.

She added: “A lot of people got lockdown dogs that they couldn’t take out and now they’ve gone back to work and the dogs are thinking, ‘Where’s my friend?’

“Dogs do have separation anxiety more now and these retreats help. It’s not just about when the owner goes out – it can be that the owner isn’t grounded. Or they’re wired on coffee.”

VIP (very important pup) stays cost £870 for dog and owner.

Four-legged friends are allowed to sleep in the rooms with their owners, even in their beds.