Optical illusion tricks your brain so you can’t read words after staring at the middle

If you’re think you’re a level-headed person, you should cast your eyes over a new o ptical illusion which is guaranteed to put your brain to the test.

It’s designed by Jackpot Joy, and the illusion is triggered as soon as you stare into the middle of the spiral.

Once doing so, it will start to blur and spin, even though the image itself remains totally static.

Your eyes will begin to sense movement, but it’s staying completely still.

When you stare into the centre of the spiral, it produces a hypnotic effect called the ‘spiral motion aftereffect’.

Once your eyes adapt to the spiral’s motion, the static image will then either shrink or grow in the opposite direction.

Allegedly staring at this spiral image can even alter your ability to read words for a while later, as they can appear to jump around in front of your eyes.

Why not try it for yourself and see if it moves for you?

Commonly, optical illusions use shapes, space, position, colour contrasts, and lines, to tamper with people’s minds.

Previously, Gala Spins shared multiple images to test an individual’s difference in perception, noticing that almost 71 per cent of viewers think static dots were moving, in one particular mind-bending picture.

Speaking to The Sun, Bhavin Shah, Behavioural Optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, explained the illusions.

He said: “The rotating motion is caused by signal processing of the complex image.

“The brain assumes that the eyes are stable and not-moving, therefore it has to assume that the pattern must be moving instead, so the pattern starts to move. “

Bhavin added: “Some people have more of these tiny eye movements than others and some are more sensitive to contrast in the pattern, so there will be some variation in the appearance of movement.”