Fury as Logan Mwangi’s evil killers cost taxpayers £492,000 in legal aid

Three fiends who killed a little boy cost taxpayers nearly half a million pounds in legal aid.

The sum was racked up by five-year-old Logan Mwangi ’s mum Angharad Williamson, his step-brother Craig Mulligan and stepdad John Cole, who tried to get away with murder.

In a killing that shocked the nation, the tragic lad was found dumped in a river in his pyjamas in July last year, with injuries to his internal organs and brain described as catastrophic. His three family members pleaded not guilty.

Figures released to the Sunday People show their legal bills reached £492,328. And the Centre for Crime Prevention campaign has slammed the total amount of legal aid spent on them – including separate court appearances for offences involving violence and drugs, plus family court hearings.

Spokesman David Spencer said: “Time after time, we see cases like this where killers can claim hundreds of thousands to try to get away with ­offences. There needs to be reform of the legal aid system to ensure less public money is spent on criminals and more on victims and families.”

Logan was found in the River Ogmore near his home in Sarn, Bridgend, in July 2021. Williamson, 31, had reported him missing and faked tears while pleading for his safe return. The privately-educated daughter of a stockbroker ran up legal aid bills of more than £140,000.

Mulligan, 14, described as “pure evil” by a former foster carer, cost the public purse over £200,000 alone. He helped murder his stepbrother five days after social services moved him into the family home.

Williamson even got £10,000 legal aid to fund her application for custody of him. Cole, 40, given guardianship of Mulligan in July 2021 despite a string of convictions, got more than £130,000.

All three worked together to dump Logan’s body and remove evidence. They were given life sentences at Cardiff Crown Court in April.

The Legal Aid Agency said: “These criminals did not receive a penny of legal aid – it went to lawyers who ­ensured justice was served.”